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Estate Planning and Probate Attorney in Providence

Probate law refers to the handling of an estate when someone, such as a family member or other loved one, passes on and the law requires that creditors are paid and assets are distributed properly. Because of the sensitive nature of such situations, disputes often arise between Beneficiaries and Trustees creating a complex legal battle, especially when assets in more then one state or country are involved.

Our focus has been on handling probate cases where there is Florida property and the Heirs and Beneficiaries live outside Florida. With over twenty five years of experience and offices in both New England and Florida we are able to accommodate clients with family in different states while maintaining the “personal touch” that seems elusive today.

Having experience in Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island gives us a unique perspective on interstate Probate and Estate Planning issues. There may be situations where no probate is required or a simplified administration can be utilized to accomplish a transfer of property. Make informed decisions based upon sound advice. Contact the Law Offices of Michael Favicchio today for estate planning and probate legal counsel.

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