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As one of the top lawyers in RI specializing in Bankruptcy, Attorney Michael W. Favicchio understands the importance of proper filing. A reflection of our economic situation, bankruptcies have increased by 35% in the past year. Michael has seen a lot of good, hardworking people – just like yourselves – forced to file for bankruptcy. High unemployment and the housing crash have affected everyone. You’re certainly not alone.

If your property or business value has sharply declined and you’re having trouble keeping up with the payments, talk to Attorney Michael Favicchio. He may be able to lower the principal balance of your mortgage and reduce your monthly payments. Lenders offer similar promises, but they only modify your payments in the short term. Lenders fall short on lowering the principal balance of your mortgage. Through bankruptcy court, Attorney Michael Favicchio may be able to lower the overall balance of your mortgage and reduce your monthly payments – offering a better long-term solution. He can also help reduce or eliminate overwhelming credit card and other debt.

So give yourself some breathing room. Stabilize your finances. Start Fresh. Give the Law Offices of Michael Favicchio a call today at 401-691-3520.

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